Insurance Restoration

STL Design and Build is able to restore your home after a storm, water damage, fire or natural disaster. Our certified specialists are there to assist you every step of the way…

Natural factors like heavy rainfall, strong winds, hail storms, snow fall, excessive heat and humidity and other related factors can diminish the health of your roof, making it weak. Storms cause damage! What you might not be present to, is that smaller storms can also cause damage not visible to the untrained eye! This hidden damage, if not fixed/repaired continues to decline and cause harm as time elapses.

Hail damage is fairly apparent and visible on siding, gutters, and trim. Siding hit by hail, or branches and/or other debris in a hail and/or wind storm causes dents and/or tears. When your home is cosmetically damaged the value of the home is then diminished.
Wind damage to roofs is also pretty straight forward. Shingles get blown off, leaving the roof decking and ultimately the interior of your home exposed to weather and elements.

The hidden damage is where it becomes concerning. As an example, asphalt roof shingles are made of tar covered with a layer of tiny pebble-like material on top. This product is what gives the shingles color and, it also protects the tar layers from the sun’s UV radiation. UV radiation over time degrades and eats through tar. When hail hits a shingle it can cause a dimple in the tar which displaces the tiny stones or pebble-like layer at the point of impact, thereby exposing the tar layer. Over time the tar degrades and eventually a hole forms in the shingle which leaves the roof exposed to water permeation. By the time it is discovered it is often too late….Unless it is inspected by a professional and discovered sooner rather than later.

STL D&B brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance companies. We will meet with you and examine the proposed damage and give you an honest evaluation to whether it is damaged, assist you in submitting your claim, meet with your insurance company to ensure everything that needs to be fixed is indeed fixed, and then we will make the repairs in a professional and timely manner. We work for you and take all of the stress out of the process. Count on us to save you money and hassles.

​STL Design and Build is a full service restoration company, capable of handling any size loss in the St. Louis area. We are certified in water management, mold mitigation and in drying.

We are fully insured, and Workman’s Compensation compliant.

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